Windows 7 on BootCamp Sound Problems related to the Sound DRIVERS!!

I recently installed the Ultimate version of Windows 7 RM in English on my MacBook using the BootCamp of Apple. I already had too many experiences with installing Windows XP on a MAC, so i was quiet sure that i knew what i was doing when i all started the Windows 7 installation.

So, once i got the Windows 7 installed, i used the first Mac OS Installation CD to install all the necessary Apple drivers. When i ran the setup, first i got the incompatibility message but i choose the "continue anyway" (or something like that :) and everything went great... except the sound!Actually, i could see that the sound drivers seems to be ok in the Computer Management of Windows.
After a little Google search, i finally found that solution and i can guarantee you that this one is working...

- Install the latest Sound Drivers for Windows 7 ( DOWNLOAD FROM HERE )
- Sound Card Model : ALC5621


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