28 June, 2018

Veeam Backup Error : Failed to prepare guest for hot backup. Error: VSSControl

Problem Description;

I had this issue on one of my backup jobs recently and I was able to fix the issue with the solution explained below. After a quick google search, I realized that I'm not the only one and neither you are :)

Full Error Description;

Failed to prepare guest for hot backup. Error: VSSControl: Failed to prepare guest for freeze, wait timeout 900 secError: VSSControl: Failed to prepare guest for freeze, wait timeout 900 sec

24 October, 2017

Windows 10 Sysprep Error

Almost all of the obvious bugs and errors are all related to Microsoft new environment and the APPs...
Recently, I was trying to prepare a VM Template but I was stuck at the Sysprep process with the following error.

04 October, 2017

Get-VMHostFirmware Internal Error - Can't Backup Hypervisor Configuration

If you're getting an internal error while trying to run the Get-VMHostFirmware command with vSphere PowerCli, chances are the problem comes from a corrupt scratch directory on the hypervisor.

The Get-VMHostFirmware command is one of my favorites if I'm doing any maintenance on the hosts. It saved me hours of configuration multiple times... Very handy! But recently, I needed to run the command on one of my hosts and I was getting an internal error! Nothing more... Even after a reboot and trying all the other methods of configuration backup mentioned here, still no luck!

27 April, 2017

HOW TO IMPORT / EXPORT ActiveDirectory User List with Properties (French Characters – UTF8)

HOW TO IMPORT / EXPORT ActiveDirectory User List with Properties (French Characters – UTF8)
1- Export Users to a CSV file from an OU with the following command. (Don’t forget to “import-module ActiveDirectory” when you start PowerShell)

Get-ADUser -Filter * -SearchBase "OU=Administrateurs Systeme,OU=Utilisateurs,dc=domain,dc=com" -properties * | Export-Csv C:\AdminSysteme.csv -Encoding UTF8

08 April, 2017

Server 2016 - PerfNet Application Error Event ID 2006

Server 2016 is out and although it's still a baby, I've decided to slowly put it in production as a secondary storage/backup server. I was testing on a Dell PowerEdge T320 server with 10GB & 1GB nics and other than some iscsi configuration, everything else was at default settings on the system. Please note that this is a physical machine and not a VM!

Server 2016 is great and I have to admit, the experience has been really good so far... I'm sharing one of the difficult issues I had

08 March, 2017

Veeam Backup Warning - SQL VSS Writer is missing: databases will be backed up in crash-consistent state


When Veeam backup job is running for a SQL server VM and the "application aware processing" is activated on the job Veeam is not capable of using the VSS Writers to backup the databases. Instead, Veeam will proceed with a full backup. The disadvantage is when you need to restore backups in crash-consistent state, you won't be able to recover just the application items (databases, mailboxes, AD objects, etc...), you'll have to do a full restore or just OS files but no application objects recovers.


Veeam even has a KB article for the issue. https://www.veeam.com/kb2095

Most of the time, it looks like it's a database naming issue. If your database names contains spaces in them, Veeam is not able to use the SQL VSS Writers.

I strongly suggest that you go trough that article before trying the solution found here. However, in my case, none of the solutions worked from veeam's article.


I had to login to my SQL server and under services, change the "SQL Server VSS Writer" service logon account to a domain user account instead of "Local System" account.

Once you do this, your next backup will be processed properley with the application aware processing.

09 June, 2016

Windows Update 80070000E Error

If you're getting a 80070000E issue when trying to update a Windows 7 follow the steps below to solve the issue.