Change the Default Picture Editor Program with Windows 7 - Vista - XP

You probably wanted to change your default picture editor application to something else then "Paint", which comes with all versions of Windows OS and is usually the default picture editor program. Yeah, but what is "Default Picture Editor?"... It is the default program that lunches, when you "right" click on a picture file, and you choose "Edit" from the drop down menu that appears. Or, when you are just looking at your pictures with Windows Picture Viewer and you click on "Edit", the default Picture editor application must start...

To use a program of your choice as a default editor, all you have to do is change a registry key in the Registry of your computer. Follow these steps to do that.

1- "Run" (windows key + r) and type "regedit"

2- From Regedit, browse until this branch


3-At right pane of the registry, you will se the "default" key with "%windir%\system32\mspaint.exe".

4- Double click on this key and change the value to the exact path of your application. In this example, I'll set my application to "Paint.Net" and it's already installed on my computer. My main .exe file which starts the program is "C:\Program Files\Paint.Net\PaintDotNet.exe" "%1"


5-Click on OK after changing the registry key value to the one that you want to set up. And you are all set to go.

Try to right click on a picture file and choose "Edit" from the menu and tell me please... What is yours? :)

Have a good one people...


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