Build Your Home BitTorrent Server through a Web Browser (Shared BitTorrent Web Client)


My brother and I use a lot the BitTorrent application for a lot of reasons and we realized that my brother was downloading something that I already had on my computer. The whole idea was sharing all our stuff internally, being aware of what we are downloading NOW and why spend our entire internet quota for duplications?
So I found a very easy solution, I was all around the BitTorrent application’s “preferences” window. In my case the program that I’m using is the BitTorrent 7.2 and I know that these instructions work as well on uTorrent application too.
 This solution requires a computer to be “ON” and “online” all the time that you want the resume your downloading stuff. It can be your desktop, laptop or even a virtual machine, in my case; I’m using a dedicated Windows XP VMware virtual machine. The user can connect to the BitTorrent application through almost any browser (tested with Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 10, and Mozilla FireFox 4) and start downloading any torrent through that window. Almost everything you can do through the real application, you can do it through the web browser of your choice.
Follow the instructions below to complete your own BitTorrent Server through a Web Browser;

1-      Download and install BitTorrent or uTorrent (You can always try software too. I think it’s worth a shot.)
2-      Open the BitTorrent application and in the menu bar, go to “options” and click on “preferences”.
3-      In the left pane, go to “Web UI” and click on the check box to “Enable Web UI”. Set your “username” and “password” under “Authentication” and under “Connectivity” check the box who says “Alternative Listening port (default is the connection port) and leave the field to “8080”.
4-      Cick on “Apply” and “OK”. Leave the application open.
5-      Download the WebUI.exe web engine. This is the only trick in the game that we are going to do J. That’s it. It’s not easy to find so I’ve already found a couple of links but I’m going to give you the most reliable ones and also my own upload through the Google Docs free service. Here you are…
Ø  From uTorrent forums (you can also find detailed information about this process in here)
Ø  Direct Download link from uTorrent forums. (A direct link given by the same uTorrent forum posts)
Ø  My own upload (I’m using this version and i uploaded it on Google Docs everybody can have access it more easily. Please note that I’m not the owner of these files in the folder).
6-      Rename the downloaded .zip file to “”
7-      Press the “Windows Key + R” or go to start and click on “run” and type “%AppData%”. Move the webui.exe file in the “Bittorrent” or “uTorrent” folder. All depending your configuration and software. The long path for this folder is “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\” for windows 7 and “C:\Documents and settings\Username\Application Data\” for Windows XP.
8-      Now find out what the IP address of the machine and type it in a browser with the right port and address.


If you installed it on your own machine, you can easly access to the web console of the bittorrent application by this address.


9-      Now, the easiest way to add a torrent for download through this browser interface is to click on the first icon and paste the download “url link” in the “torrent url” field and click on OK.
10-   Done! You can now share your BitTorrent client with every house tenants J Enjoy.

Note: This solution was found on the internet from different sources. I just documented the whole solution through a step-by-step guide for others.


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