WDS Import-WDSInstallImage Overview - Tips

I am studying for an upcoming Microsoft exam #70-411 and I was practicing the new WDS (Windows Deployment Services) features in the Windows Server 2012 R2 and I ran into a little problem.

Now, as Microsoft is pushing the new PowerShell, I thought, I would only use Microsoft PowerShell to setup the whole environment. So I've installed the WDS Role with the following command;

Install-WindowsFeature -Name WDS -IncludeManagementTools

Once the feature is installed. I decided to create 2 Image groups called "Server2012R2" & "Win8".

New-WDSInstallImageGroup -Name "Server2012R2"
New-WDSInstallImageGroup -Name "Win8"

Now, it's time to add a couple of install images. You can use any server 2012 or windows 8 setup media and use the "install.wim". The file is located under .\Sources folder. So, here it goes;

Import-WDSInstallImage -Path "D:\Sources\Install.wim" -ImageGroup "Server2012R2"

And... An unexpected error occurs.

Hmmm, OK! I'm smart enough to fool a computer with a fake image name :)

Import-WDSInstallImage -Path "D:\Sources\Install.wim" -ImageName "Server 2012 R2 Standard" -ImageGroup "Server2012R2" 

Nope! Looks like my trick didn't work either. So I had to investigate a little more. Let me look at that image first.

Get-WindowsImage -Image "D:\Sources\install.wim"

Now, everything makes sense. The install.wim I was trying to use has multiple image indexes with different versions of the Windows Server. I had to specify which index I wanted to import and it looks like the only way of doing that is getting the exact "image names" from the install.wim

So the final line here did the trick for me.

Import-WDSInstallImage -Path "D:\Sources\install.wim" -ImageName "Windows Server 2012 R2 SERVERSTANDARD" -skipverify



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