BES Express 5 Web Page Issues because of KB3061518 Windows Update

Windows 10 is coming and Microsoft is pushing out its updates to prepare our computers for this fresh operating system from Microsoft. But do they really need to be that aggressive so that our existing services stops working? Frustrating monday!

We have a BlackBerry Express Server 5for our older models of BlackBerry smartphones (yes, we are still a proud Canadian company who trusts Blackberry :) ). This morning I had to create a new user in the servers admin console and activate a new device but I am getting a HTTP 404 Page not available message. Fun! right?

First thing I am thinking of is the updates that I pushed out last week. So, first thing first, I find a computer that didn't receive the updates yet to see if that could be the problem... Guess what? Bingo!

Now, I just have to find which update was causing the problem. So I look at my recently installed updates and started to Google them one by one! Altough I've already gone this process when I approuved these updates, it's never clear what could cause a problem!

Long story short, to save you sometime guys, here is the Windows Update that broke my BlackBerry Express Server Admin console;

Here is how Microsoft describes this update;

This security update resolves a vulnerability in Windows. The vulnerability could allow information disclosure when Secure Channel (Schannel) allows the use of a weak Diffie-Hellman ephemeral (DHE) key length of 512 bits in an encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) session. Allowing 512-bit DHE keys makes DHE key exchanges weak and vulnerable to various attacks. For an attack to be successful, a server has to support 512-bit DHE key lengths. Windows TLS servers send a default DHE key length of 1,024 bits.

 For those who are curious and interested into more details can look on the following links ;

And it looks like I am not alone who is having problems with this update either;


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